Let dance away all murk-imbuéd spirits,
None but the fairest faeries appropinquate;
Let drain away all mixéd agéd humors,
I will my soul only with savors sate;
Take off all veils of any faded fabric,
Don raiment equal to my happy state!
Command the very skies to change their color
From any grayish roil to royalest blue;
Hail to all birds to rouse this perfect hour
With song as dulcet as my joy is true;
Commend all animals afoot and wary
To stamp and paw and frolic all night through!
Above all, turn yourselves about you, people,
You women, men, you common, gentle, all;
And face the brightest countenance e'er dreaméd,
Thereon sincerest honoring to fall:
My fairest Patroness, my kindest Goddess,
Fortuna grants acceptance to my call!

Fortuna ·A Thousand Words