Countryside at Santa Teresa, south Santa Clara County

Expect delays, now till…whenever

No inlet

Slower traffic, MOVE

No parking on shoulder

No crying on shoulder

Merge straight

Speed up

Dicey when icy

Wishy-washy when wet

Car fool lane

Yield to oncoming traffic

Yield to ongoing traffic

Only trucks

Speed limit - try me

Road work next 3500 miles

U no turn

Pedestrian double cross walk

Tresspassing lane

Low clearance - guess

Right lane must turn…can't remember which way

No trouble parking

Right turn on red okay…if I remember correctly

Right lane closed 1/2 foot

Objects in mirror are larger than they appear

I said, objects in mirror are…forget it, it's too late

Computer lane

Don't think and drive


Exit lonely

Living end

Don't push me

Traffic Signs