Countryside at Santa Teresa, south Santa Clara County

Heard once upon a time in reference to the origin of religion….
A man is walking through the forest of Central America a thousand years ago looking for food for his family. The man hears the growl of a jaguar not far away. The man stops. There is no help in sight. The man looks up.

My continuation, with your permission….

The man hears the jaguar again, but now a long way off. The man drops his gaze to straight ahead, straight into the eyes of a person standing on the other side of the river, the markings on her face painted in designs different from those on his. She has not been looking up. She has been standing there waiting to be of help should the man need it. He puts down his bow and lets his arms fall to his sides with the palms of his hands turned toward her. She puts down her sling, and folds her arms - with her fingers not hidden but visible. He turns around, leaving the bow, and walks back to his village to tell his story. She turns around, leaving the sling, and walks back to her village to tell hers. They both tell the same story: «There is no river there any more».