Haystacks along Monterey Highway

Photographs captured on Kodak Ektar film in two cameras with standard lenses, manual focus, manual film advance, and no filters other than UV. One camera is metered by the sunny 16 rule or with a hand-held meter and never wears a lens hood. The other camera has a meter and a small rubber lens hood.

Film is processed by Henry at Foto Express in San José. I thank Henry for the reliably fine processing and for having introduced me to Ektar.

Developed negatives are scanned with an Epson V600, exposure and color set in the scan. Using GIMP, the scan file is straightened and reduced to 1/4 or 1/8 scale exact to the pixel to get the web image. After the scan, no adjustments to color or exposure.

My thanks to the people who made the cameras; to the people who make Ektar; to the people who make the Epson; to the people who make the iMac; to the people who make the GNU; to Manfred at International Camera Technicians in Mountain View; to Professors MacGowan and Urrutia at San José City College.

My thanks also to the two people who found the tripod I had left by the side of the road, moved it to a safer place, and waited there until I showed up to retrieve it. People like those two women are the inspiration for the belief in angels.

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