View of Mount Tamalpais from Berkeley Marina

Welcome to Cameranda, camera + andare, "walking around with a camera", over the region extending from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, photographs captured on Kodak Ektar 100 film, the camera operating only in manual mode, with normal lens, with available light, no filter other than the UV, no lens hood.

I thank the proprietor at Foto Express in San José, where my films are developed, for introducing me to Ektar seven years ago. I have used no other film since. He won't let me. I'm glad.

I scan the negatives with an Epson V600, and use GIMP to correct perspective and to scale the scan files for the website; no adjustments of any kind to color or exposure after the scan; no photograph has been cropped.

Admiration from this amateur for people with the knowledge, skill, and courage to be professional photographers.

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Jon Cervantes Aymon, Paysan de Dordogne

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