Welcome to Cameranda - an available light available sight film photography website, photographs captured in a Nikon FM2N with Nikkor 1.4 50mm lens, and in a Hasselblad 500 CM with Zeiss 2.8 80mm lens; no filters other than the UV; Ektar 100 film. Thanks to Henry at Foto Express in San José for his invariably fine film processing and for introducing me to Ektar.

I scan the negatives with the Epson V600, and use GIMP to correct perspective and to scale the scan files for the website, but not to adjust color or exposure. No adjustments of any kind to color or exposure after the scan. No photograph has been cropped. The camera shadow has been removed from two photographs.

Thanks to Manfred at International Camera Technicians in Mountain View, to Edison at San José Camera and Video, to Professors MacGowan and Urrutia at San José City College. Admiration from this amateur for people with the knowledge, skill, and courage to be professional photographers.

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