Cameranda is from camera and andare, to walk around with a camera, photographs captured on Kodak Ektar film, film processed by Henry at Foto Express in San José, whom I thank for introducing me to Ektar.

Negatives scanned with an Epson V600, exposure and color set in the scan. GIMP used to straighten and reduce images to 1/4 or 1/8 scale for the website. No adjustments to color or exposure after the scan.

Suggestion: sit back at least three feet from the screen and spend time at each picture, as if visiting a gallery. Do not look at too many pictures on a visit.

Thanks also to Manfred at International Camera Technicians in Mountain View; to Edison at San José Camera and Video; to Professors MacGowan and Urrutia at San José City College; to the women who found the tripod I had forgotten and who waited until I showed up to retrieve it.

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Jon Cervantes Aymon, paisant de Dordogne

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