Sunset at Bailey Road, south Santa Clara County

"Cameranda" is formed from "Camera" and "Andare" - "Walking around with a camera." A film camera. That is what is being used to get these pictures.

This is a collection of photographs captured over the region extending from San Francisco to Santa Cruz - including Alviso, Santa Clara, San José, Los Gatos, Sierra Azul, Alamitos, South Santa Clara Valley, and Capitola.

The photographs are displayed in three galleries:  City,  Country,  Sea. When you click on one of these gallery names, then click on the  >>>  to see the photographs. Sit back from the screen three feet at least and spend some time at each picture, as you would do if visiting a gallery, and do not look at all of the pictures at one time.

The photograph on the home page was taken on the road to Mount Umunhum ("Hummingbird Resting Place" in the Ohlone language) in the Sierra Azul ("Blue Sierra") region of the Santa Cruz Mountains. There is also a Sierra Morena ("Brown Sierra"), the region of the Santa Cruz mountains north of Sierra Azul.

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