~ · Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco · Welcome to Cameranda · ~

The huge sign, composed of more lightbulbs than you can count, stretches the full length of the Mustard and Cocoa Buildings in Ghirardelli Square.

View of clock tower at Ghirardelli Square.

This three story red brick building at Ghirardelli Square, with sandstone lintels over the tall windows, has the delicious name 'Cocoa'. Above the building, the large white Ghirardelli sign and the blue sky completing the picture.

The large red Original Chocolate Shop sign stands above the Chocolate Cafe at Ghirardelli Square. Ghirardelli banners are placed above the marquee, and the background for all is the red brick facade of the building.

The large red Original Chocolate Shop sign stands above the Chocolate Cafe at Ghirardelli Square. Ghirardelli banners are placed above the marquee, and the background for all is the red brick facade of the building.

Mermaid fountain at Ghirardelli Square, San Francisco

~ · The Embarcadero of San Francisco · ~

Late in the day and the shop is closed, but the presence of this shop in one of the Embarcadero Center buildings is known by the large neon sign showing the Shoe Wizard in his magic robes. He promises instant repair!

~ · The Bridge over the Golden Gate · ~

Golden Gate Bridge seen from sea level, the mountains of Marin Headlands visible in the distance. Out of sight to the left is Fort Point, guardian of the Golden Gate, dating back to the nineteenth century.

~ · The Presidio of San Francisco · ~

Golden Gate Bridge seen in the distance from a vantage point in the San Francisco Presidio, around a turn in the road from the Seacliff district to access to Crissy Field and the Bridge. Fog blowing in but still some blue sky at far right.

~ · Baker Beach, San Francisco · ~

Baker Beach under overcast and with fog moving in; Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and Marin Headlands visible at left. Seagulls and a few people on the sand; one seagull flies across the picture in a blur, just below the bridge.

Baker Beach under overcast and with fog moving in; Golden Gate Bridge in the distance and Marin Headlands visible at left. People walking along the strand.

View over dune at Baker Beach to the Golden Gate, monochrome sky light to dark above.

A hazy golden glow at far left - the remains of the day - bestows a slight sense of warmth to those of us on the watch at San Francisco's Baker Beach. Time for visitors to pack up and head for home, while we are as yet not completely frozen.

~ · Seacliff, San Francisco · ~

Seacliff, almost in silhouette at dusk, seen from Baker Beach

Looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge from Seacliff by night.

~ · Lincoln Park, San Francisco · ~

Looking toward the Golden Gate Bridge from the corniche road from Seacliff to the Palace of the Legion of Honor. In the distant background, beyond the bridge, Angel Island.

Looking through the forest and meadows of Lincoln Park golf course toward Sutro Tower far distant. The sky shows as much blue as it does white, a happy circumstance.

~ · The California Palace of the Legion of Honor · ~

This photo shows the full length of the west elevation of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, a view not to be missed. A large cypress tree stands next to the Rotunda. There are windows in the wall on both sides of the Rotunda.

The Rotunda, on the west elevation of the California Palace of the Legion of Honor, is decorated with six classical statues standing on the abacus of the green-oxidized bronze dome. This side of the building faces the Ocean.

Looking down an arcade at the Legion of Honor. There are columns on the left and columns on the right. Sunlight from the left is casting shadows of the columns on the right onto the columns on the left. The verticals of the metal fence are casting shadows on the floor of the arcade.

One of a pair of sculptures of lions guarding the entrance to the California Palace of the Legion of Honor.

Statue of El Cid, shown from the back, holding up his spear, at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. The work of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington.

Jeanne d'Arc stands in the saddle, holding her sword high, her horse Papo walking with majestic gait, at the California Palace of the Legion of Honor. The work of sculptor Anna Hyatt Huntington.

~ · Lands End, San Francisco · ~

Looking over a hill at Lands End across the Golden Gate passage towards the Marin County coast, the view softened by the intervening fog.

The flowers are spread out under the Monterey cypress forest at Lands End, San Francisco. There are trails from this point, one of them taking you all the way to Lincoln Park and the California Palace of the Legionof Honor.

Thin fingers of innocuous white cloud decorate the blue sky above the dark green forest of Lands End

Lands End, northwest corner of San Francisco. Foreground, ground cover plants; farther on, the cypress/pine forest sloping down into a canyon. Background, the softstone cliffs above the surf.

~ · Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco · ~

Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco, a structure of columns, domes, and high reliefs, designed by Berkeley architect Bernard Maybeck. The central dome is in the background. Foreground, two of the Corinthian columns surrounding the central dome.

High-relief figures of dancers decorate a cylindrical structure extending from the base of the open dome of the Palace of Fine Arts. The dancers hold up a large wreath running behind their shoulders, from one dancer to the next.

High-relief figure of dancer at the Palace of Fine Arts, San Francisco.

~ · Golden Gate Park · ~

Percussionists and listeners enjoy a concert in Golden Gate Park. Most stand in the sunshine at the edge of a large meadow; some prefer the little hill rising from the meadow into the shade of a grove of tall and expansive eucalyptus.

A flotilla of ducks heads out from the cove into the lake itself. A large grove of soft green trees stands out on the far side; and beyond that, the forest of Golden Gate Park.

Mallard duck paddling in a lake in Golden Gate Park turns her pretty head as she decides whether or not to come ashore with me standing there. Her name is Cleopatra.

Mallard drake swimming in the lake in Golden Gate Park. I had just herded a couple of ducks across the east-west road passing the lake. The drake is in the middle of the picture paddling to the left. His name is Marc Antony.

Mallard drake walking around on the grass next to the road passing by the lake in Golden Gate Park. His name is Julius Caesar.

At last, safely ashore on the lawn - Cleopatra taking a nap; Antony on the watch.

A green groundcover with yellow flowers is situated at one end of the lake, a little water showing here. The forest of Golden Gate Park in the background. This is indeed the jungle of Golden Gate Park.

A row of agapanthus flowers; background, the ever-varying forest of Golden Gate Park.

Three shrubs showing numerous small, pink, five-petaled flowers stand at the edge of a lawn in the forest of Golden Gate Park.

Carousel Ticket Office and Carousel; Grownups: 25 cents; Children: 5 cents; Babes in Arms: Free.

~ · Golden Gate Park Hall of Flowers · ~

Closeup of red and blue graund cover on the lawn before Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

The Hall of Flowers in Golden Gate Park. The building has a central dome with wings extending left and right and perpendicular extensions at each end. It is all panes of glass, painted white, in a wooden framework.

Picnic at the Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

Flower bed of pink and red flowers in the shape of a ring, on the lawn of the Hall of Flowers, Golden Gate Park, San Francisco

A garden of flowers of all colors - look like dahlias - growing on tall stems; behind those, a thicket; behind those, the forest of Golden Gate Park.

Foreground, the wrought iron fence; behind that, flowers of all colors - look like dahlias - growing on tall stems; behind those, small palms and trees; behind those, the forest of Golden Gate Park.

~ · University of California, San Francisco · ~

University of California San Francisco campus is sited on a hill south of Golden Gate Park, magnificent views northward over the City to the Golden Gate and Marin County. Between us and UCSF, a number of apartment buildings.

~ · Windmill Wilhemina, San Francisco · ~

Windmill Wilhemina seen against a pale blue sky. On the left, the deep green of a Monterey cypress; lower right corner, a pink crepe myrtle tree standing between us and the windmill.

~ · Cliff House, San Francisco · ~

At left, the sun has just set and the glow is visible at the horizon seen beyond Seal Rock. To the right, the silhouette of the Giant Camera standing in the patio at the Cliff House, at Ocean Beach in San Francisco.

At left, Seal Island. In the distance, Marin Headlands. Far right, the cliff below the site of Sutro Baths, and, standing at the edge of the cliff, a person taking it all in. On a previous trip I met a man who said he is here for sunset every night. It might be him.

~ · Ocean Beach, San Franciscso · ~

Ocean Beach, San Francisco, in the gloaming. Left, the pink beige sand; far left, the Great Highway. Right, the surf and the steel-blue sea; in the distance, fog moving in. Above, the sky pale pink, and higher up, pale blue. Car tracks in the sand.

~ · Lake Merritt, Oakland · ~

The pavilion at Oakland's Lake Merritt has eight slender columns supporting Roman arches, and a roof of terra cotta tiles.

The pavilion at Oakland's Lake Merritt has eight slender columns supporting Roman arches, and a roof of terra cotta tiles.

Little bright green deciduous trees sharing space with large blue-green firs along a path at Lake Merrit Park in Oakland.

An apple tree growing in the grass-green meadow of Lake Merritt Park in Oakland stands before a large tree with light green rounded boughs. The apple tree leans to the left, another tree to the right, balancing the composition.

The plant known as acanthus, an example shown here in use as groundcover, was the model for the foliage carved at the top of the Corinthian columns of Greek temples. The camera is looking straight down in this closeup. Lake Merritt Park, Oakland.

This attracting tree stands in a little forest in Lake Merrit Park.  It is Spring itself: white bark, light green leaves; and in the background, a tree with golden leaves, a tree with red leaves, and an evergreen.

~ · Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso · ~

Tall weeds growing at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge

Looking across Alviso wetlands toward the East Bay mountains, a stream of fog flowing in from the left, sunlight touching the mountaintops. Closer, a row of green grasses sets the background for beige-dry grasses waving in the breeze.

Creek shown coursing through the wetlands at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge at Alviso, at the south end of San Francisco Bay. In the distance, fogbank moving in on the mountains of the southern East Bay.

Visitor Center at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, showing one of the boardwalks stretching over this section of the wetrlands.

The boardwalk extends a considerable distance over the marshes and shallow ponds · In the distance is a large island popular with flocks of birds such as the city of three or four hundred white pelicans seen early in the autumn.

One of the constructed channels at the Wildlife Refuge, providing more swimming space for migrating water fowl.

Ducks floating on a lake at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge.

Wetlands of Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso, clouds moving in above.

Channels and islands in the wetlands of Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso, clouds moving in above.

View toward the west showing civilization - mostly industrial, from palm trees to transmission towers - along west Bay shore

The clouds and the reflections in the water at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso, make a bright V with another V within the vertex. Patches of marsh grass in black silhouette against the blue and gray and silver-gold colors of the reflected sky.

V cloud formation over Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge at Alviso has moved a little toward the south, so more of its extent toward the north now visible.

Layers of clouds over the wetlands offer hope for rain at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso.

Looking across the waters of this southernmost expanse of San Francisco Bay toward the shore in the far distance. A low bank of fog lies above the the shore, but closer to us, the sky is still clear as evening approaches. The water is all blue-gray ripples.

Just after sunset at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge, Alviso. The sky, now clear and blue, is reflected in the waterways dotted with patches of marsh grass. Also reflected is the gold of the sky above the coast mountains where the sun has just set.

The waters at Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge are slighly rippled, reflecting the pinks and blues and whites of the sky. Mountains to the east dark, the scene peaceful. This place is less that a mile from the northern limit of Silicon Valley. And so, good night.

~ · Santa Clara Franklin Square · ~

Three white flagpoles raise white flags and red scrolls announcing Franklin Plaza in Santa Clara, the center of the municipality. There are a number of businesses here in this pleasant environment.

~ · Santa Clara University · ~

Trellis - supporting a beautifully thick vine - standing before the building of the glass atrium, at Santa Clara University.

High atrium of five peaked windows draws attention to this building, fronted by a large patio and trellis, at Santa Clara University.

Graceful litte tree roses lined up in front of a building at Santa Clara University.

A row of trees set in greenery lines the arcade of a newer building at Santa Clara University

The shield of Santa Clara University is set above a doorway fronted by steps and bordered with flowerbeds.

Nice geometry in this building at Santa Clara University; nice garden in front of it; nice palm standing behind it.

Agapanthus, hibiscus, and roses decorate a doorway at Santa Clara University.

Handsome architecture attractive landscaping make for one magnificently cute picture of this building at Santa Clara University; the path and flower bed lead us to the doorway

Entrance to a multi-story pale pink white-trimmed hall at Santa Clara University, with a rose garden along the entrance path. The figure of a saint stands in the large Spanish baroque emblem above a doorway set back in the portico.

Stairway to a building at Santa Clara University, white steps and red metal handrail rising to a white urn containing a fern. The landing is surfaced with terra cotta tiles.

Walled garden alongside the Church at Santa Clara University. The wall of the Church shows shadows of tall palms at right, not seen. Roses of many colors stand out against the shadows of late afternoon.

Surrealistic pine tree - don't know the name, but they are unmistakable - photographed in late afternoon at Mission Basilica, Santa Clara University.

The small dome, about nine feet high - sadly not in use the last time I looked, and the large central dome, astronomical observatory, Santa Clara University

The small dome, about nine feet high - sadly not in use the last time I looked, and the large central dome, astronomical observatory, Santa Clara University

The path curves around a garden showing agapanthus, and a flowerbed runs outside the path; all this set in a large sward not far from the observatory building at Santa Clara University.

Spray of small golden flowers and green palmate leaves radiating from a flower bed on the campus

~ · The Alameda of San José · ~

Peach-colored building with arched doorway and window. Wrought iron lantern on both sides of doorway. Small round window with wrought iron grill above the doorway. The Alameda, San José.

Red ochre brick building, built in Federalist period style. The Alameda, San José.

Red ochre brick building, showing two windows on the second floore, the building in Federalist period style. The Alameda, San José.

Red ochre brick building, showing the doorway to the sidewalk with a double-wide window next to the doorway. Building in Federalist period style. The Alameda, San José.

~ · Hotel de Anza, San José · ~

De Anza Hotel, downtown San Jose

~ · San José City College · ~

Building at San José City College with a stairway leading to the entrance. Left, a long wall with small windows; right of this, the stairway and landing; right of this, a ground-to-roof window of blue-green panes of glass. Italian cypresses line the stairway.

Architects and gardeners of San José City College made this composition of poplars by a wall of the building just shown. Left half of the wall is of blue-green glass panes in a pale blue framework.

A wall of red, brown, and gold slats running vertically from the floor; patterns of shadow decorate the wall. San José City College.

At San José City College, view from a porch with a red slat wall to a building in the distance with evergreens behind it, under a clear blue sky with one tiny cloud floating by.

Cloud floats over a tall gingko tree at San José City College.

The crepe myrtle tree stands before a building of green metal walls and panels of glass. Another building in the distance with a tall tree standing beyond - San José City College campus is favored with a very attractive forest.

The picture resembles a baroque painting of a tunnel of cloud opening to a blue sky; here, not clouds, but green leaves, with leaves of gold at the opening to the sky. We look up through a stand of deciduous trees at San José City College.

This cedar at San José City College is a masterpiece of arboreal nature, in the soft elegance of the branches. The tree is sheltering a truck that has a platform for work far above the ground.

~ · Vasona Park, Los Gatos · ~

The creek at Vasona Lake Park is a narrow waterway coursing through the wetlands - green with yellow flowers - in July. Water level is high and the level of greenness likewise. Further back, forest on both sides of the creek.

Bridge and wetlands at Vasona Lake Park in July. Here, wetland of green groundcover with little yellow flowers, showing the narrow stream. The bridge seems to be taking off. Background, the forest of the park.

View down the shore of Vasona Lake. Reeds and shore grasses showing in the foreground; middle distance, a little peninsula with several eucalyptus rising from it; far distance, the far shore of the lake and the forest.

Looking across the meadow south of Vasona Lake toward the row of trees in the southeast parking lot. The effect of seeing this row of trees - from the particular colors in the leaves at this time of year - is memorable.

View across a grassy field of gingkos on the path to the boat launch at Vasona Park. In the distance, the mountains behind Los Gatos. The sky occupies the upper third of the photograph; the trees the middle third; the grassy meadow the lower third.

Sunny winter day at Vasona Park in Los Gatos. View of the pedestrian bridge at left; and of a young tree at right. Background, across the meadow, a parking lot and the forest of the Park. And the moon just visible at the center of the photograph.

Family strolling across the bridge at Vasona Park in Los Gatos; photograph taken standing on the bridge. Several pigeons taking their ease on the crossbeams of the bridge high above.

Shrub with yellow flowers blooming in the shade, boughs over Vasona creek under the tree canopy.

Picnic area set in a peninsula near the bridge at Vasona Park. There is a triangle of lake coming right up to a tree of striking angularity - the tree leaves an impression in memory.

The path, at left in the photograph, runs along the sloping shore of the lake, the lake inself visible in the background, trees lining the shore. Closer in, the lawn stretching to the right, and the sky in the distance viewed through the trees on the left. The photograph was captured from under the forest canopy.

This large tree-shaded parking lot is just east of the pedestrian bridge, near shore of the Lake

Looking across Vasona Lake from the bridge toward north. Right, a peninsula with its stand of trees. Left, halfway across the lake, another peninsula with its forest. Middle of the far distant shore, a deciduous tree lit with late afternoon sunshine.

A corner of Lake Vasona in late afternoon, long shadows across the wetland banks in the foreground and the wetland banks in the middle distance locale of several tall trees; all is green under the pale blue sky

Duck headed out on Vasona Lake, leaving a wake and intent on reaching the other side with the forest, the visitors, the food. In the distance, the mountains beyond Los Gatos. What looks like a cat sitting on the dock at extreme right is a statue of an owl.

Dam is at the north end of the Lake, shown here with the hill and residences on the hill to the left.

All in silhouette in late afternoon at Vasona Park. A transmission tower at right; the dam at northern end of the Lake just visible. Beyond that, the mountains east of San José, the highest point at Lick Observatory on Mount Hamilton, 4100 feet elevation.

~ · Sierra Azul · ~

Sierra Azul is a protected region of the Santa Cruz Mountains. From the road to Mount Umunhum, we look into a forested ravine and a summer-beige grassy hillside in the distance. Umunhum is Ohlone for Hummingbird resting place.

Evidence for the Azul (Blue) in Sierra Azul are the blue-green pines seen at higher elevations. The Sierra Azul (Blue Saw) are contrasted with the Sierra Morena (Brown Saw) to the north.

Little vermillion flowers - shining like ice - growing along the road in Sierra Azul.  The flowers are sparse on the little shrub. Toward the top, the feathery white explosion of a seed pod.

~ · Almaden Reservoir · ~

Hillside at south end of Almaden Reservoir. What looks like a creek is the narrow section of water at the south end of the reservoir. A pretty cluster of pale green trees stands before the oak-forested hillside. Foreground, shrubs by the side of the road.

Twin trees in sunset glow at Almaden Reservoir. The twigs in the foreground were in front of me as I stood at the edge of the road. I had been here the evening before and just missed the sunset. This day I was there ahead of time and caught it.

The sun, just before setting behind the hills west of Almaden Reservoir, is illuminating the soft green of the trees standing in the water at the south end of the reservoir. In the background, the mountain south of the reservoir.

Elegant grove of trees in winter outline standing before a grassy sloping meadow and beyond that a hill covered with oaks, Almaden Reservoir. White cloud streams move through the blue sky.

~ · Monterey Highway, south Santa Clara County · ~

Bales of hay stacked up in a field along Monterey Highway; farther back, the hills in summer tan and the ravines populated with stands of oaks. This is beloved country to me, for the restfulness and the warmth of those hills.

~ · Hale Road, south Santa Clara County · ~

Hale Road parallels Highway 101 and also Monterey Highway, being the continuation of Santa Teresa Boulevard from San Jose

Oak woodland alongside Hall Road. Foreground, burnished grasses of the pasture. Farther back, the golden landscape of summer rises to the swells of hillocks and the solace of standing under oaks.

Ridge along Hale Road, showing stands of oak trees on the ridge and in the ravine. It is February and the landscape has changed from the tan of summer to the green of winter and spring. Most of the photograph is the blue sky.

Flat farmland or pasture along Hale Road; line of trees crossing the pasture in the distance; hills in the distance at left.

~ · Hellyer Road, south Santa Clara County · ~

Cloud formation in the shape of a tree, over hills east of Hellyer Road, south Santa Clara County

~ · Bailey Road, south Santa Clara County · ~

Contrail emerges from a cloud bank and keeps ascending to the left into the blue sky over the hills east of Bailey Road.

Pasture along Bailey Road. Flowers populate a meadow; green hills rise in the distance; blue sky, quiet white clouds floating by, one cloud over the hills, one cloud darts into the picture from upper left.

Oak standing along Bailey Road is all twists and turns of branches seeming to move even in its stillness. Pale blue sky and small soft white clouds provide the background.

Meadow seen from a grove of oaks next to Bailey Road before the road goes over the hill to McKean Road. It is winter, the meadow is green. A wooded hill rises in the background; upper right corner, a tangled pattern of oak branches large and small.

A grassy field climbs from Bailey Road up this pretty hill. The hill is more and more populated with oaks as it rises from the meadow. A transmission tower stands on the hill; beyond the tower, a ravine; beyond the ravine, another ridge.

Friendly-looking oak on Bailey Road, branches growing out and up in serpentine style. In the distance, at left, IBM Research Center. A sketchy little cloud in the upper left corner of the picture.

The oak hangs down on its left side, rises up on the right. A nice blue sky, but below it, yellow and dusty countryside waiting for a bit of rain to turn it green and make the inhabitants of the County feel better. Bailey Road.

White iron gate alongside Bailey Road, south Santa Clara County. Beyond the gate, the hilly country to the east.

Hills east of Bailey Road, south Santa Clara County

Bailey Road making a gentle S-curve down and to the right. Sere bare hills on the other side of the road. On this side of the road, a white curve marker and a stand of thick trees - deep green even in drought - running into the right side of the picture.

Flowers growing - by chance or by design - along the guard rail on Bailey Road. An oak is growing on the subtly S-shaped hill behind the guard rail, and in the far distance to the right, another oak-decorated hill slopes down - all this under a nice blue sky.

Bailey Road climbs and turns to the left around a shrubby hillside. On the right side of the road, centered in the picture, twin transmission towers carrying power for homes and farms.

Sunset moments away; view into a valley running along Bailey Road, transmission lines running along too. The sere hills turning red in preparation for the display of sunset. Sky still blue.

Hillside grasslands east of Bailey Road glowing reddish-gold shortly before sunset. The hills are higher here, and take up more of the picture. The wire fence decorates the lower part of the compositon.

~ · Bernal Ranch, south Santa Clara County · ~

The white barn in this peaceful little place with the big trees and the green meadow, in the Bernal Ranch in the Santa Teresa neighborhood. I named the photograph after a restaurant in Madrid of the same name - 'The White Barn'; it was a very friendly place.

The old wooden gate was opened, so I could wander into the paddock at the Bernal Ranch. Old farm implements are lined up in a little grassy area next the barn.

The barn stands in a little field near two restored small homes. Old farm implements are displayed lined up next to the barn. Two beautiful trees in the background, deep green against the blue sky

~ · Santa Teresa, south Santa Clara County · ~

Dusty trail curves from lower right across the photograph to the left and then to the right along the foot of a hill rising up to transmission towers and a clear sky. Bernal Road, near Bernal Ranch.

Hillside along a back road near Santa Teresa Boulevard dressed in bright winter green, under blue sky with clouds rising up behind the hill. Transmission tower doing its job stands proudly on the hilltop.

~ · McKean Road, south Santa Clara County · ~

The boulder rises from pastureland near Mckean Road. Farther away, the land slopes up into a hillock at upper left, a forest of oaks filling the ravine running down toward the camera. More oaks closer in. No more comfortable landscape, for my money.

Oak woodland hillside along McKean Road, south Santa Clara County south of Almaden Valley. A little barbed-wire fence stands on the hillside near the road. The fenceposts run orthogonal to the slope and not to the horizon. That works for me.

Bare branches of a tree arc over a reddish-brown barn near McKean Road. A steep hill in the background. A little dog the color of the barn is lying in the grass in front of the barn.

Bare branches of a tree arc over a reddish-brown barn near McKean Road. A steep hill in the background. A little dog the color of the barn is lying in the grass in front of the barn.

Sky some blue some white covers this grassy hill. A dirt road curves now right, now left, as it ascends to the top to meet up with some oaks standing on the summit. Shadows at bottom of the picture will soon ascend the hill. Near Mckean Road.

Hill sloping down from the left, two trees up there; one tree in the meadow near at hand, in the company of some shrubs waiting for more rain - it's all pale blue sky and pale green ground today. Near Mckean Road.

The moon - tiny in this photograph - is in the center of a mixed white and blue sky over the trees of the hill descending from the left. Twin Italian cypresses standing out against the sky are the making of this picture. Near Mckean Road.

~ · Basilica Barn, south Santa Clara County · ~

Basilica barn with rusted corrugated iron roof, garden and grasses foreground. In the distance, the valley, then a range of hills, and far distant the coast range, all in winter green. Santa Clara County.

~ · Old Santa Cruz Highway, Santa Cruz Mountains · ~

Forest bloom - shrub with small white flowers - in a time of drought, Santa Cruz Mountains, alongside the Old Santa Cruz Highway, headed for Soquel and Capitola

~ · Capitola · ~

Gate to the Capitola Wharf - rising from two square towers with pointed tile tops, a nice wrought-iron arch over the planks; in the distance, the wooden buildings at the end of the dock. The ocean-sky horizon sea-green below and blue above.

Surf is low at Capitola today, but the curve of the surfline is nice, the white foam edges of the wavelets make patterns over the sand; the shadow of the wharf falls on the beach.

~ · Santa Cruz Yacht Horbor · ~

A large motor yacht at center of the picture, with smaller craft - mostly sailboats - docked closer in to the camera, on the right of the picture. Some buildings shown on the opposite shore of the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor.

At the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor looking toward the north; shadows moving in as night approaches. All boats appear to be secured for the evening.

Reflections of the golden sunset on the water and on the houses standing on the far side of Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. The sky fittingly blue.

Sloop entering channel to Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor on open sea under open sky. Viewed from Walton Lighthouse at the end of the lighthouse jetty.

~ · Walton Lighthouse, Santa Cruz · ~

Walton Lighthouse is a white structure with a green abacus below the lantern. Visitors look out to sea from the jetty on which the Lighthouse stands, at the entrance to Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor.

The Walton Lighthouse jetty branches out from the sand dunes west of the channel.

View from the Walton lighthouse jetty toward the west - several people walking on the jetty; a bit of the ocean in view at the left, and the Santa Cruz mountains in the far distance. And so, good night.

~ · A Thousand Words · ~

Morning Sun

Turn the knob, and push the door, and let the daylight in; wash your face in morning air, where sparrows speak their din; lift your gaze to where the blue, of infinite domain, frames the city polished bright by drumming evening rain.

Good Morning

When you open the door to the morning light, may you ever find friends there waiting, with smiles in their faces, trinkets in their hands, devotion in their hearts, and many a tale of good cheer to tell.


May every day of this grand turnaround of seasons seem longer that is wont of nature; may every morning find undiminished the golden splendor of the sun; may every evening find undimmed the silver glisten of the vesperstar; may every life about you be rekindled by your own reviving light · And on this your journey, may the path be illumined with lanterns and early-blooming flowers.


As January storms relent, as tempests slacken, all but spent, make your descent from windswept heights, and find your way to milder sights; sunlight warms the valley air, and fragrance lingers everywhere, in orchards white and pink embowered: la primavera, fair and flowered.


Was it real, that glance from the sky; no, not likely; more likely, who seemed to be there, would unfold wings to fly on a midsummer night merely dreamed.


From what I know from everything, there is no cure for yesterday; so find, today, an ounce worth of prevention for tomorrow.


When you wish upon a star agleam upon the sea of night, wish fulfillment be not far; thought thousand times the speed of light.


Winter nearer day by day, the snowdrifts soft and deep; longer nights to wrap ourselves in deep blue dreamless sleep.


Sweeping the antipodes, the white wind keens; the lost green trees.


Crickets, in thickets, in concert through the night, submerged in the bunch grass, performing out of sight; the gray fog, retreating, sets bay and bridges free, and starlight is finding its way down here to me · A random night zephyr invites us all outside, but this population stays put, preoccupied; one sits at the table, one rests on the divan, the one in the kitchen is stirring up a pan · Aromas of spices pervade the evening air, and passersby waken to visions of a fair; the scent of lime calls up Sevillian memories, and cante gitano brought hither on the breeze · But breakouts of dancing remain a phantom fling, and only in echo do gypsy voices sing; and so it stays, silently serious, the town, while festival lanterns rise up, shine forth, sink down.

Homage to Cocteau

“ Belle… ”

“ Ma Bête! ”

Message Machine

A trilling songbird sets the mood and theme, by which this day might be, by dusk, defined: to hear, upon return from day's travails, a word as welcome as its sender, kind.

Love Abides · for my Mother

How long upon the Earth did Love abide, to milden men and women face to face; when did she ask of dwellers in this place, that love be law through all the countryside; what pleasance does her present absence hide, from persons ever searching for her grace, and standing here in line for her embrace, and wishing ever to be at her side · Or is her ambit still the city street, the country lane, the chestnut-shaded trail, where chestnut blossoms wait upon her tread; and does she still hold court, still wait to meet, her eyes still soft through all her long travail, lost persons in love with ourselves instead.

Castle by the Sea

The trees are still; no gypsy breeze inquires of any forest sentinel the way, through thick green veils cascading from the spires, to some clear portal to the fading day; the sky is still; no fleet of clouds in motion, intent on course, in graceful, earnest flight across the cobalt deep celestial ocean, lends tempo to the vigil into night · But as the light recedes, to end all seeing, the faintest, finest, lightest-pulsing star, released from these twelve hours of non-being, triangulates the space from here to far: the glimmering, prismed message sent to me, finds too a window high above the sea.

Do not capture me

Do not capture me, to hold me by a golden chain, to offer me honeyed wine; no; offer me the wine of oblivion, and turn me out; turn me out among the wandering wild creatures beyond the walls of the palace; let me hunger for a gram of sustenance, let me thirst for a drop of water, let me stand in vigil, through the wilderness of night, for that first sight of you, again.


The countless steps to climb, through atmosphere into the stratosphere, where words reside perhaps of brightness to describe from there, the likeness of her self that dwells inside · How does her self show to my wondered eyes, and how then do I with my words convey, vocabulary reaching to the skies, those graces far beyond my words to say · Off words, on viewing: anyone will find, a glance at such perfection showing clear, all qualities of person of the kind as to elicit praise from far and near · Belovedest perfection that I see, the doubting look when listening to me.

At the Beach

Her gaze enrapt admiring sky and sea; as my gaze when she turns to look at me.

Say Yes

All she has to say is Yes, and place that hand in mine; I am hyper, I confess, to feel that velvet sign.


I innocent - or conscience-thin: unfold those arms, I fall therein.


What he has not, but would attain, is elegance's princely reign; untutored, coarse, remote from style, yet he does know one art: her smile · As does he hope that she will see that he sees but sublimity.


Athena, patroness of those of us intent and bent on drawing, from our sense, a train of syllables, felicitous towards earning an Olympic recompense; Athena, the supernal, dwelling there, yet ever condescending to descend from snowy mountain summit in the air, to stand before the ones whom you befriend · Athena, I trust it be not a fall, to step down from that high, immortal place, and guide your sandals to my study hall, and bring me lessons on poetic grace: the while to shade your features from my gaze, and thus not set my mortal self ablaze.

~ · Athena, image from Wikipedia · ~

Statue of Athena

~ · The Elysian Fields · ~

Mission Cemetery, Santa Clara, showing the row of Italian cypresses along the southern border of the park

~ · Website dedicated to those who live in memory · ~

Pen and ink drawing of visage of an angel looking down

Albeit I a dweller of the sky,
To meet with those who dwell here I now try;
So as you see me standing here so shy,
Know that it be to thank those who stop by.

~ · About Cameranda · ~

Photographs are viewed by scrolling, no clicks required · It can take a minute or two for all images to load; if you see a blank page, the image will show up momentarily.

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The name Cameranda is taken from camera and andare, to walk around with a camera, in this case from San Francisco to Santa Cruz, capturing photographs on Kodak Ektar film; the camera - that operates only in manual mode - equipped with a normal lens, no filter other than the UV, for a lens hood the shade of a nearby tree.

Negatives are scanned with an Epson V600, exposure and color set in the scan; GIMP is used to straighten and reduce images to 1/4 or 1/8 scale exact to the pixel for the website · No adjustments to color or exposure after the scan - you do not want to know how many times some of the negatives have been scanned.

Thanks to Henry at Foto Express in San José for introducing me to Ektar, and for the invariably fine film processing; to Manfred Mueller at International Camera Technicians in Mountain View; to Edison at San José Camera and Video; and to Professors MacGowan and Urrutia at San José City College.

Photographs of Key West houses (in new window) at → Camera Coral Island.

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Jon Aymon,  paisant de Dordogne

~ · Roadmap · ~

Links to each location, and number of photographs there:

San Francisco Ghirardelli Square 6 San José The Alameda 4
San Francisco Embarcadero 1 San José De Anza Hotel 1
San Francisco Fort Point 1 San José City College 8
San Francisco Presidio 1 Los Gatos Vasona Park 16
San Francisco Baker Beach 4 Sierra Azul 3
San Francisco Seacliff 2 Almaden Reservoir 4
San Francisco Lincoln Park 2 South County Monterey Road 1
San Francisco Legion of Honor 6 South County Hale Road 4
San Francisco Lands End 4 South County Hellyer Road 1
San Francisco Palace of Fine Arts 3 South County Bailey Road 14
San Francisco Golden Gate Park 10 South County Bernal Ranch 3
San Francisco Hall of Flowers 6 South County Santa Teresa 2
San Francisco University of California 1 South County McKean Road 7
San Francisco Windmill Wilhemina 1 South County Basilica Barn 1
San Francisco Cliff House 2 Santa Cruz Mountains 1
San Francisco Ocean Beach 1 Capitola 2
Oakland Lake Merritt 6 Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor 4
Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge 16 Santa Cruz Walton Lighthouse 3
Santa Clara Franklin Square 1 A Thousand Words 21
Santa Clara University 17 Dedication

A Thousand Words:

Morning Sun Winter Do not capture me
Good Morning Antipodes Perfection
Solstice Crickets At the Beach
Spring Homage to Cocteau Say Yes
Dream Message Machine Therein
Prevention Love Abides Sublimity
Wish Castle by the Sea Athena